Manganese ore processing plant

Manganese is widely distributed in nature. Almost all kinds of ores and silicate rocks contain manganese. There are 150 kinds of manganese minerals known, but they are ideal. There are only 5-6 kinds of manganese minerals that can be enriched to form economic value. Among them, pyrolusite and hard manganese ore are more important and economic value. In addition, there are manganite, brown manganese ore, black manganese ore, Rhodochrosite and so on. The content of manganese in these minerals is about 50-70%, which is an important industrial mineral of manganese.

River Stone processing flow

  • Large manganese ore is uniformly sent to jaw crusher or mobile jaw crusher station (primary crushing) for coarse crushing by vibrating feeder through the bin;
  • After the coarse manganese ore is screened by vibrating screen, it is sent to single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (secondary crusher) by belt conveyor for medium crushing;
  • Manganese ore material after medium crushing is sent to multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for fine crushing.
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